Errors were encountered while validating xml schemas


The Add function is used to add the validation to the Schemas property, since it is a collection object.In the Add function, the first parameter is the namespace URI of the schema.We too can create namespace prefixes and point them to their URI or the owner in the schema tag.The above xsd file does not generate any error, as the xmlns attribute points to the correct URI and to all the unqualified tags.This leaves the programmer with plenty of time on hand to rivet his attention on the job that he is paid for, i.e.writing code that represents business applications. When machines are required to transact businesses with each other, it is the XML Schema that validates the data being sent across.These tags originate from the namespace as specified with the xmlns:aaa attribute.

The property Schemas is of type Xml Schema Collection, which stores the name of the XSD file that is to be utilized for validation.

There are two prominent features of the XML Schema world.

One of the features is the creation of an xsd file, which provides a succinct description of a Data Set.

If the entire world got together and thought up a way by which every tag could be assigned a unique name, then there would never be a necessity to preface the tag with its namespace. Thus, the first rule is that it is the element tag that decides the names of the tags in the xml file; or to be more precise, the name attribute.

Every tag in the xml file must have a corresponding element tag with the name attribute in the xsd file.

The class that handles xml validation is called the Xml Validating Reader.


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