Bethenny frankel dating season 1

) Here’s the thing: Bravo may have intentionally given Tabatha an unglamorous time slot last season because they already saw it being her last.

Better to ease the show out quietly than end it on a high note with a lot of confused fans wondering what happened.

I’ve been getting questions lately from some very frustrated fans who have been unable to find out anything about what’s next for Tabatha.

Since Season 5 wrapped in June 2013 there has been no word from Bravo about Season 6.

4/15 UPDATE: Tabatha appeared on tonight’s WWHL and was asked whether Tabatha Takes Over would be returning. 4/8 UPDATE: Tabatha Takes Over did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today.

She played coy and answered with a knowing “I hope so! If you’re a fan of Tabatha Takes Over, you may be wondering right about now whether it will be returning to Bravo anytime soon…or at all.

So, do I think Tabatha Takes Over will find its way back to Bravo screens this year? (I know, I know…not what you were hoping to hear after all this research!

Russell Sanborn, 27, a Marine Harrier pilot who was captured, beaten and imprisoned for nearly a month by Iraqi soldiers, had finally come home.


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