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As with other areas of the IFB belief system, this falls along a continuum of beliefs.On the more liberal side of the continuum, some IFB churches believe that the KJV is the most accurate version of the Bible and should be used by all Christians to avoid heretical views and beliefs.As many of you already know the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement (henceforth IFB) is a King James Version only denomination meaning that they believe that the King James Version of the Bible (henceforth KJV) is the only version of the Bible that Christians of this era should use.They believe that the KJV is the version of the Bible that is closest to the original.It was weird to me that they would accept the Pastor’s explanation, but refuse to use a different version of the Bible for an explanation. I often wondered if the Pastors really knew what the meanings were or if they were simply repeating what they had learned thus perpetuating the lie.


I would get the answer that it is for this reason that I should be in a good IFB church so that the Pastor could explain what the words in the KJV meant.

I simply took it upon faith like every other teaching that came from the IFB.

Like other IFB teachings, I was always troubled by the fact that I had a difficult time reading and understanding the KJV.

When I left the IFB around age 25 I found out some valuable information that flies in the face of the IFB and their KJV only stance.

Personal experience became the fuel that burned the fire within me.The messages contained in the Bible are so clear to me now as I finally have the freedom to read a version of the Bible that I can comprehend. If this were my only evidence that the KJV is not a good Bible to read it would be enough for me.



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