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Tip the trashcan onto its side, and use the broom to gently "chase" the snake into the trashcan.Then, tip the trashcan upright and, taking care to keep your hands away from the open top, replace the lid.But many replicas have been crafted with the same dimensions as the famous dumbbell, and it is with these that modern competitors test themselves. That's heavy, but not so heavy that a professional strong man should struggle with it.The key to the Inch Dumbbell's challenge is the handle, which has a diameter of roughly 2.5".Keep in mind that snakes will usually try to escape to the nearest cover, so try not to stand between them and bushes or other cover.When they're startled, some snakes will flatten their heads and puff up to make themselves look more intimidating.


There is no reason that people and snakes cannot get along peacefully, and there are some key techniques you can use to safely handle encounters with snakes -- Keep children and pets away while you try to identify the snake as venomous or non-venomous - from a safe distance.Inch took the insurmountable dumbbell on tour with him, challenging the top strongmen and courageous spectators.As legend has it, no man was able to successfully lift it—except for Inch himself, of course.If you find a snake indoors in close quarters in an attic or basement and are not able to use this technique, there are a variety of commercially available humane glue board snake traps that you can set along walls to capture snakes.

You MUST check these traps every day so that trapped snakes don't die from lack of moisture and begin to smell.

If you feel that you remove the snake from your yard, spray it gently with a water hose to send it on its way while keeping your distance.


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